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Testimonial for a fantastic new website!

Class Act Agency had been up and running for 2 years when I met Mike at Simply Advertising. I got in touch with Mike looking for ways to move my business forward. Mike suggested updating the website. I wasn't sure about this at first, after all, the website looked ok and it would mean paying out a chunk of money. However, as Mike pointed out, the face of my business is the website and it tells ALL of my clients about what Class Act can offer. So I agreed.

Updating the website was the best thing I have done to date. Mike and Matt made it really easy and straightforward. Ideas were thrown around until we were all happy with the new design and then the final site was created. At every stage of the sites development I was involved with the changes and informed of the progress.

Looking back at the site I had before now makes me realise that Mike was absolutely right about making the change. The new site is professional looking and everyone who visits it tells me how easy it is to get around and find the information they need. I am very proud of the site and I love to show it off to friends and new clients.

I will continue to work with Simply Advertising. Mike is honest and says what he thinks. I like that. It is easy to work with someone who gives you honest opinions and ideas. Since the website has gone live the number of visitors on the site has nearly doubled. Business is booming!

Kate Collier
Class Act