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How we've helped

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In depth

Some projects are more fun than others and non more so then when we get involved right from the start.

Charlotte at Kent Cordial is a natural “word smith” but needed our skills in designing a brand and identity for her new business.

Our usual start point is to run through some simple but invaluable questions like;

  • If your company was a car what make would it be?
  • What supermarket would your typical customer shop in?
  • What colours would work best for your labelling and new website?
  • What do you offer that overs don't?
  • What companies and websites do you like and why?
  • This is a good one and its only two words ...SO WHAT?

Try this when you next plan some advertising and if it doesn't pass the “so what” question don't say or do it.

Right, back to Kent Cordial, once the logo had been settled on we then worked on the tagline for the company. Again let me share a little tip with you, a good branding statement should be 7 words or less and “does what it said on the tin”....sorry I didn’t come up with that one but you get the point.

So what did we come up with for this natural fruits drink company that is based in Whitstable Kent?

Kent Cordial “Gresh from the Garden of England”

Ok branding done, bottles and labelling completed next was the photoshoot and staging of the this is where a beautiful home and a light box came into their own.

Lastly and most importantly it was time for our Matthew to once again work his magic and create this stunning website which went live in September 2016.

This is where working along side your client and acting as a team really comes into its own. Charlotte is a naturally with words (far better than I) and the end result speaks for itself.

So to conclude

Lovely client, fun project and very pleasing end result!