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How we've helped

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • Buying Radio Advertising
  • Buying Advertising Space
  • Photography
  • Outdoor Advertising
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  • Advertising Design
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  • Show Stand Design
  • Boat Livery

What the client thinks

Back in 2007 when we decided to start our own business, it became quickly apparent that we should focus our energies on what we were good at and to let others take the lead in those other areas where we were not expert.

By sheer good fortune a good friend of ours put us in touch with Mike at Simply Advertising to help us cover those “grey” areas where we knew we had to be strong at but lacked the experience ourselves – advertising and promoting our new company – Learn2Sail. Strong internet presence was to be essential.

Indeed it was Mike and his team at Simply Advertising that came up with our name and our corporate branding and have been responsible for our web site design and optimisation to ensure we are at the forefront when new customers search for our services on the internet. Additions and corrections are always promptly dealt with by Matt, delay is not in their vocabulary.

They have also done an astounding job in designing our exhibition design, so important for us as we are front line when it comes to promoting ourselves to the public at the two major UK boat shows, Southampton and London. They have ensured that we stand out from the crowd – first impressions are not important – they are essential.

We have taken the initiative over our competitors, by taking Simply Advertisings advice and producing high quality videos of our training programmes, giving our potential clients a free look at what we are about – and it works. The video and photo shoots by Mike and Jason have really propelled the business into another league – they are truly a great double act!

We run our business to a very tight budget, as we all have to do these days but I can honestly say every penny we have spent with Mike at Simply Advertising has been money well spent and has reaped us rewards greater than we has imagined.

As I said at the beginning, in business we believe that you need to concentrate on what you are good at and let the experts deal with the rest – Simply Advertising are passionate and professional in what they do and of what is asked of them, you could not ask for anything more.

They have certainly got us to where we are now and are very much a long term partner of ours as part of our team at Learn2Sail .


Mark Sanders
M.D. Learn2Sail Ltd